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HOW TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL FALLS, and maintain your physical FREEDOM at any age 

During This FREE Training We'll Reveal 3 Anti-Falling Secrets to help you prevent falls, recover your balance, and protect yourself when it matters most...

without ever needing to go the gym!



We all Age. We all Get Older.
And every year, there's a surprising & unspoken increasing threat to your life...

Did you know that FALLING is the #1 cause of
injury-related deaths for people 65 and up, and Emergency Room visits for anyone over age 25?

Falls are responsible for over 32,000 deaths every year and Fall Death Rates are increasing
.  In fact, over 3 million older adults are treated for fall related injuries in the US in Emergency Rooms annually.

Not only that, but if you happen to trip and fall, and accidentally fracture a hip, a wrist, or your spine... you’re looking at medical costs of up to $50k, not to mention countless months of rehabilitation.

This sounds scary, and it is. As we get older, we worry about how many years we have left with our grandkids, missing out on our bucket-list adventures, and maybe most importantly... we want to live comfortably at home without being forced into an assisted living facility. 

Nursing home placement is often the result of a fall, and studies show that 6 out of 10 people who fall and break a hip NEVER fully regain their former level of independence.

You Want to Protect your Future.
​and We want to help save some Lives.

Now introducing...the only training program designed to prevent fallswhile teaching you the ANTI-FALLING skills you need to stay safe & lower your risk of injury if you happen to go down.

Sanctavía Proudly Presents

Anti-Falling Secrets:
Become Friends with the Floor

Sanctavía's "Become Friends with the Floor" class is the world's first physical training program designed to protect you from the impact of Gravity.

We teach a full curriculum of physical skills that are specifically designed to help increase agility, improve balance, and prevent falls.

​So you can get back to what matter most.

​Your Life.

"It's given me a toolkit that I never had at my disposal before."
- Danny R.C.

What Will You Learn?

In This Free Master Class, you'll learn...

  • The main reason why most physical exercise programs don't help prevent falls

  • How to think about fall prevention skills in a way that’s easy to understand and simple to do on your own time

  • ​How to practice for multiple falling scenarios, and ways to avoid injury if you happen to fall

  • Why Timing is everything, and how it applies to Fall Prevention Training

  • Why it's important to focus on increasing your strength, balance, and foot speed, and how to do it without any gym equipment

You deserve to know how to stay safe at any age.
Now's the time to learn the anti-falling secrets that can help you maintain your freedom & independence for the long haul,
so your body never becomes your prison.

How Do I know if this Free Master Class is Right for me?

Does this sound like you?

  • ​​​​You care about your quality of life as you get older, so you want to get healthy and feel strong, but don't know where to start.
  • You want to do exercise that actually helps you feel stronger and safer in your daily life. You will learn how to do this, without any risk of injury!
  • You're overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information and confusing directions about fitness (Shh... you’ll learn what really matters in physical training- without wondering what the purpose of each exercise is!)
  • You don't want waste time doing pointless exercises that don't actually make your life easier! Here you will learn the WHY behind every movement, and understand how they will improve your life TODAY.

"I loved becoming more reacquainted with the ground: getting up and down from the ground, spending time on the ground, being in touch with the ground. Those are all things that were many, many years ago for me."
- Patrick G. , age 64

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During This Free Master Class!

J.J. Caruncho

Founder of Sanctavia Longevity Academy

J.J. Caruncho is a master educator, speaker, multi-disciplinary martial arts & self-defense expert, having taught members of the US Army, Navy, Tier 1 Special Forces Units, Grammy and Tony Award Winners, CEOS, and everyday moms and pops. He is also the creator of the Sanctavía School for Longevity Warriors.

​​In Sanctavía, students learn how to age powerfully, like a warrior, so they know how take care of their bodies and minds for a lifetime.  It is the 1st training system created with a focus on Longevity, with a curriculum that has been scientifically designed to strengthen the things that naturally weaken as we age


What Previous Attendees are saying


What Previous Attendees are saying

"The physical practices have literally made me feel 10 years younger."

I originally thought this was just going to be a way for me to increase my mobility and become the best martial artist and fighter that I could be. And it gave me so much more. I had no idea.


"These skills are really important if someone begins to fall."

I loved becoming more reacquainted with the ground: getting up and down from the ground, spending time on the ground, being in touch with the ground. Those are all things that were many, many years ago for me.


"I loved that he spoke about the theory, the intentions, the purpose of each movement..."​

And it really invigorated my desire to take care of my body better. And understanding how when you train this part of your body, how that improves other aspects of the movement, etc… it's all tied in.


"It's worth every minute, every penny... Take your time, and love yourself for the rest of your Life."
- Major A., Broadway star & Voice Actor

​Learn the anti-falling secrets that will help you maintain your freedom, no matter your age or physical level. 

For the Adventure of Your Lifetime

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